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  • Are all your products organic?
    All of our products are organically grown. No pesticides have been used in growing any of the products. We label our products accordingly. Stuff grown on our farm is a hundred percent organically grown and has been so for at least the last 10 years.
  • Where can I buy your products?
    We are still a small family owned and run operation and are working on setting up the logistics for you to be able to buy our products in more offline locations. Currently, they are available in Farmacia Salcete (Panaji), Green Essentials (Succoro) and Oscar's Junction (Majorda). The best way to order from us is from our online store.
  • Do you use eco-friendly packaging?
    Hmm. Oh, well. This is a difficult one and one that we are continuously working and improving on. For example, we started out using pouches to fill our oil in. This was done taking into cosideration our carbon footprint while transporting in bulk to areas that are further away. Lower the weight, lower the footprint. But then we found that the practical recyclability of these pouches is questionable. We have now phased out the pouches and have moved to PET bottles that are both light weight and have a 90% chance of being recycled in India. We think glass bottles are beautiful and they are reusable. The concern is of the ones that are thrown away. Only about 40% get recycled. So we're sticking to PET for now until we're convinced otherwise. We genuinely care for the planet and regularly evaluate our packaging options.
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